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Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

Jan 10, 2020

If you are ever in any doubt about what it is possible to achieve in life then this is the inspirational story for you! Wayne Dixon, from Lancashire has overcome addiction, mental health problems, a broken neck, grief and financial difficulties and is showing us how one passionate person CAN create positive change.  Wayne became frustrated at how society treated his bi-polar father; frustrated at how his peers were stuck in a cycle of heroine addition; and frustrated at the lack of respect society has for its environment by dropping litter everywhere.  But, Wayne had one thing that kept him from spiralling down the same old route, and one thing that kept him alive - his passion for walking, travel and nature.  

After his dad passed away leaving him Koda, a Northern Inuit dog, Wayne decided it was time to follow his long dream to walk the coast of Britain. Despite living on an income of only £50/week, he set off on in February 2016 and is picking up every single piece of litter he walks past along the way!

I was privileged to catch up with Wayne back in July 2019 when his walk brought him into Brighton and Hove.  

If the story resonates with you then please support his campaign to raise money for the mental health charity Mind.  He has already raised a third of his £30k target! Mind Fundraiser

Wayne and Koda Facebook page



More about Wayne's journey here:

You Tube Short You Tube Clip

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