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Clare Talks Rubbish Podcast

Dec 6, 2019

After watching the Blue Planet 2 episode with the sperm whale baby eating the plastic bucket, Paul White and three of his friends decided that they needed to be a part of the solution.   With a background in farming and agriculture and a desire to change the face of grocery shopping the Modern Milkman was born.  

After some trial and error involving freezing cold dark mornings in a truck with a broken window.  Then traipsing around with a notepad and pen in the rain following up deliveries, the four friends realised they needed a new approach.  

The Modern Milkman embraces technology to manage customers demands an map out the most economical route and they have big ambitions to become the most sustainable grocery delivery service in the UK.  But it isn't all about profit margins and business, they have recognised that there is a need to support local producers and local farmers to be sustainable and cost effective.  And they want to prove the model works so that it can be replicated elsewhere and create a ripple effect of positive change.  

It seems they are well on their way to that goal as they have expanded rapidly from one small round of 100 customers to over 6000 and now cover a large swathe of Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

They are aiming to cater for everyone too and have oat milk in glass bottles, bakery goods, including vegan items, local muesli's AND washing up liquid all in reusable containers. The range is constantly expanding too.

I really enjoyed this conversation with Paul White, one of the founders and you might also hear his dog wondering around in the background.  

Another fantastic example of how passionate individuals can lead the way to a circular economy future.  Paul gives his tips and advice to other eco-entrepreneurs thinking about setting up their own enterprise. And explains how the Modern Milkman plans to support the community far beyond being a grocery delivery service.

I am excited to follow their journey and know you will love this episode.

To find out more and if you are in their catchment area check out their app:

The Modern Milkman Website

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This podcast was edited by Chloe Aust and marketing contributions by Megan Youngs. More about the team here.

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